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Holistic and Massage therapies enhance our body's own healing mechanisms creating greater health and well-being, allowing you to live with greater ease, joy and balance.

Read about the different therapy options below to the find the one best suited to you. 

Appointments are at The Urban Co-Op on 8 Ballysimon Rd, Crabb's-Land, Limerick. Home visits are available in Limerick and Dublin. 

Book in advance and give 24hr cancellation notice. 

Beach at Sunset

A unique body therapy with origins in Hawaii. Lomi Lomi uses forarms and hands in long, continuous, flowing strokes combined with a calming breath and focused healing intention. This powerful combination allows your body and mind to clear and release while harmonising and rejuvenating.

The body is  often a reflection of the mind. In Lomi Lomi and most bodywork therapies, we take a  bottom up approach to healing; working with the body to help the mind. This approch helps to wash body and mind of old beliefs, thought patterns and behaviors that may be holding you back to help fully you embrace the here and now. 

On the physical level, muscular stress and tension are relieved, the joints are opened and the elimination of wastes and toxins is stimulated creating greater well-being and vibrant health. 

Lomi Lomi is a beautiful healing bodywork massage that works on many levels and can open the road to healing.


By taking the Holistic approach to your therapy session, you focus on the issue at hand while bringing greater well-being, vitality and health to the body and mind. This creates a state of homeostasis; a state of internal balance and stability between the mind and body. 

During this intuitive massage, a combination of teachings will used with the aim of creating a therapy that is all-encompassing and tailored to suit you. This may be a combination of deep tissue release and realignment, assisted stretching to help release trapped muscles and stiff joints, Thai Sen line work to help balance your energy flow, promoting full body healing, nervous system reset, to down regulate the stress response in the body.  And all while aiding in detoxification and reducing muscular, mental and emotional stress and tension to promote well-being and general health. 

Holistic Deep Tissue Massage

Release stress, tightness and deep layers of tension from the body and mind to promote vibrant health and a renewed sense of well-being.

1hr - €55 | 1.30hr - €75 | 2hr - €100


Reflexology is a whole body treatment through the feet with benefits felt throughout the entire body. During this deeply soothing treatment,  parts of the feet which relate to different areas of your body, stimulating certain points to help soothe nerve endings and create a calming, restorative effect that will also promote health via the body’s energetic pathways. These pathways are “awakened” during a Reflexology treatment, helping to release any blockages in the area, clearing toxins and stagnant energy, therefore bringing energy to the connected area and thus the whole body. This allows your energy to flow naturally throughout the body, triggering its own healing powers and helping it to heal itself and function at its optimal level.

Impromptu Tibetan singing bowl session i

Sound therapy is a uniquely relaxing healing experience. During a session, you rest in a comfortable cocoon of blankets and pillows while the soothing harmonics of Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, the Gong and other instruments carry you to a place of deep rest.

Our body and mind can become out of sync with one another, particularly during times of stress. The pure harmonious tones of the instruments help to re-tune and balance while clearing and revitalising your body and mind. Healing sound helps to reset the nervous system, moving away from fight or flight responses whilst promoting alpha (deep relaxation), theta (meditative state) and delta (sleep; where internal healing can occur) brain waves. These vibrations create a form of internal cellular massage, helping to sooth & restore.

This treatment can also be added to any of the other therapies as a beautiful way to integrate the work and leave you feeling completely relaxed.

Sound Therapy

Enhance the bodies healing system, regulate and balance the nervous system, calm and soothe the mind and find relief from what ales you through restorative sound waves. 

1hr - €55

If you are unsure about what therapy would be best suited to you, don't hesitate to get in contact and we can discuss the different options. 

Reclaim up to 50€ per treatment with Irish Life health insurance