Holistic Deep Tissue Massage

By taking the Holistic approach to your therapy session, you focus on the issue at hand while bringing greater well-being to the body and mind. This facilities a Homeostasis state; when an individual is balanced on all levels of being. During this intuitive guided massage, I will blend a combination of teachings with the aim of creating a therapy that is all-encompassing and tailored to suit you. This may be a combination of deep tissue release and realignment, assisted stretching to help release trapped muscles and stiff joints, Thai energy line stimulation to help balance your energy flow, promoting full body healing, nervous system reset, to down regulate the stress response in the body.  And all while aiding in detoxification and reducing muscular, mental and emotional stress and tension to promote well-being and general health. 

1hr - €55 | 1.30hr - €75 | 2hr - €100

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