Aromatherapy is the use of natural plant extracts for their therapeutic properties. These essential oils are concentrated extracts from different herbs, flowers, fruits and bark and have a range of beneficial effects. Aromatherapy essential oils can help with a range of issues such as pain management, easing of tension and tightness in the musculoskeletal system and reduction of inflammation and of fluid retention 

to boost the immune system. They can help soothe the nervous system; aiding in improved sleep and enhanced well-being and over all health. 

 A synergistic fusion of different essential oils will be blended in a natural carrier oil such as almond oil and  crafted based on your needs and is unique to you. 

This blend will be used during your treatment of choice with a bottle to take home.

Use this oil at home on areas of concern such as the shoulders or back or put a few drops into a bath for a full body aromatherapy experience at home. 

Added to any treatment | €10